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Worksoft Capture 2.0

Capture 2.0 is our latest and most advanced object and action recognition technology for automated business process discovery, documentation generation, and testing acceleration. The Worksoft Capture 2.0 course was designed to provide a basic understanding of the Capture 2.0 solution.

This course is broken into five separate lessons, covering a variety of topics. Below is a list of each lesson.

  • Lesson 1 — Introduction to Worksoft Platform explains the Worksoft Platform and Worksoft’s Business Process Certification methodology; the Certify Life Cycle approach; the Business Process Certification Components; and how Capture 2.0 plays an important role in Business Process Discovery.
  • Lesson 2 — Defining Processes Overview prepares users to run Capture 2.0 by setting up a consistent environment (Internet Explorer and Google Chrome); explains Business Process Discovery; and explains how to configure and use Capture 2.0.
  • Lesson 3 — Analyzing Processes Overview explains how to view a Capture 2.0 recorded process in Worksoft Analyze and how to generate documentation and automation.
  • Lesson 4 — Importing Processes Overview explains how to import a Capture 2.0 recorded process into Worksoft Certify.
  • Lesson 5 — Resources explains how to access additional Worksoft resources.

This course will take 60 minutes or less to complete.

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