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Worksoft Certify for SAP GUI 2.0

The Worksoft Certify for SAP GUI course was designed to provide a basic understanding of Certify to automate business processes in SAP GUI. Discover best practices specifically designed for use with SAP GUI. Throughout this course, view a series of demonstrations extending on the skills developed in the Worksoft Certify Basics course.

The Worksoft Certify for SAP GUI course is divided into the following lessons:

  • Introduction to Worksoft Certify for SAP GUI gives you general information on what to expect prior to taking the course while taking the course, and after taking the course.
  • Getting Started with Worksoft Certify for SAP discusses the basics of using Certify to automate business processes in SAP GUI.
  • Certify Capture and LiveTouch with SAP will cover how to use Certify Capture and LiveTouch, explain the differences between Certify Capture and LiveTouch, and show how to capture a business process using Certify Capture.
  • Defining SAP Processes will build processes for an Order to Cash (OTC) business scenario.
  • Developing SAP Processes will cover how to enhance a process by adding variables in place of static data, use the add to layout feature to create a layout and recordset for the process, and create a child process from the original captured process.
  • Creating and Assembling Additional SAP Processes will focus on creating and developing various SAP processes and creating an integrated process.
  • Defining and Developing Processes for SAP GUI Using Certify Data Overview will build and execute processes for an SAP GUI application using the Certify Data feature.
  • SAP Objects and Actions will learn the various classes and actions for the SAP interface.

This course will take 2 hours or less to complete.

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