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Certify Administrator

Certify Administrators are responsible for a variety of tasks after the initial setup. The tasks can range from adding users and groups, granting permissions to managing applications and projects.

This course was designed to help you become or improve as a Certify Administrator. This course is broken into five lessons to help in the process. Each of the lessons is listed below.

  • Lesson One – Certify Configuration will focus on the responsibilities of a Certify Administrator, the Certify interface and the basics of Certify Configuration. 
  • Lesson Two – Best Practices and Process Management will focus on the best practices and process management defined by Worksoft and how they should be adapted.
  • Lesson Three – Certify Security Configuration will focus on configuring Security in Certify.
  • Lesson Four – Test Data & Database Management will focus on how to identify techniques for test data management as well as how to create processes for SAP Web Portal (HTML) applications.
  • Lesson Five – Additional Certify Topics will focus on knowing when and how to upgrade Certify as well as how Certify interacts with other Applications. 

This course will take 75 minutes or less to complete. 

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